CHEVROLET SILVERADO V8 L L V6 L LS BASE GAS 4X4 2WD REGULAR CAB EXTENDED CAB LONG BED SHORT. View and Download Chevrolet Silverado Pickup owner’s manual Automatic Transmission Manual Transmission Four-Wheel Drive Operation (If. Express Limited” for Chevrolet Motor Division whenever it appears in .. to a vehicle or because of what the repair costs were. G (Passenger).

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Low Coolant Low Coolant This message is displayed when the cooling system is low on coolant. There are only two reasons why the brake fluid level in the reservoir might go down. If this message appears on the display, the cassette tape player needs to be cleaned.

Page 77 Although a rear seat is a safer place, you can secure a forward facing child restraint in the right front seat. Additional windshield breakage may also occur from the right front passenger air bag.

In a crash, the two children can be crushed together and seriously injured. Appearance Care Remember, cleaning products can be hazardous. Customer Assistance Offices free telephone Chevrolet encourages customers to call the toll-free number for assistance. This setting is ideal for use when road conditions are variable. Service Your dealer knows your vehicle best and wants you to be happy with it.

Chevrolet Silverado Owners Manuals | Just Give Me The Damn Manual

Then lower the seat chfvy until it latches into position. The belt is buckled in the wrong place. Turn the ignition key to LOCK. K25 Pickup – owers Tahoe – Driving Uphill Once you decide you can safely drive up the hill, you need to take some special steps. When the differential is at operating temperature warmadd enough lubricant to raise the level to the bottom of the filler plug hole.

Chevrolet 2001 Silverado 1500 Pickup Owner’s Manual

What makes an air bag inflate? Avoid needless heavy braking. Page To idle a manual transmission equipped vehicle with the DRL off, set the parking brake. Tapes longer than chefy are so thin they may not work well in this player.

You should check your engine oil level regularly; this is an added reminder. Back up Lamps Light Blue: Turn on your hazard flashers. Look for any other loose or damaged safety belt system parts.

Be sure to rinse the vehicle well, removing all soap residue completely. HHR – Tighten the nuts firmly in a crisscross sequence as shown by turning the wheel wrench clockwise.

2001 Chevrolet Silverado Owner’s Manuals

Parking Brake Parking Brake To set the parking brake, hold the regular brake pedal down with your mahual foot. Battery Feed Dark Blue: Contact us Contact Haynes. Celebrity – The belt forces would be there, not at the pelvic bones. Courtesy Care is available to retail and retail lease How to Add Fluid Refer to the Maintenance Schedule to determine what kind of transmission fluid to use.

Use these switches to shift into and out of four drive. If you want more wipes, hold the band on MIST longer.

What should I do? Also check for damaged tires or wheels.

Clean radiator, condenser, pressure cap and neck. For example, you come over a sioverado and find a truck stopped in your lane, or a car suddenly pulls out from nowhere, or a child darts out from between parked cars and stops right in front of you.


Silverafo child restraint instructions will show you how. To replace the battery in the keyless entry transmitter, do the following: Page of Go. At fast speeds, water splashes on your ignition system and your vehicle can stall.

Sitting in a reclined position when your vehicle is in motion can be dangerous.