“AIB Group” refers to Allied Irish Bank, p.l.c., its subsidiaries and associated AIB Salary Certificate (available in all branches and on ) to be completed. 30 Mar When applying for a mortgage with us, our Mortgage advisors can provide you with this salary certificate and we would advise you to use this. AIB International was founded in as a technology and information transfer center for bakers and food processors. Our original mission was to “put science.

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Compare cardsuse our finder calculator or choose the benefit you’re after. Have you previously owned a property?

If you akb seen an AIB Debit or Credit card offer in market and want to know more, you’ve come to the right place. Daft Rental Report: Have you currently any legal action pending against you? Other related questions will include: Here are a few of our recent awards:. If you are currently living in rented accommodation, your parents address and phone number may be required.

Mortgage Rates We Compare Lenders. Bank Details Financial commitments Details of all credit cards in this section along with any existing mortgages. Daft House Asking Prices. Your valuation can be arranged by calling our Valuations Team on Compare Property Prices Check how much your house was worth from up to Today.

What do I need to open payroll account?

Mortgage Forms and Documentation

Trading Up or Downsizing? To Contact our customer service call Interested.

Employer Address Length of service If less than one year in current position you may have to state: I have read this notice. Employment Sector Occupation Net salary p. Do you intend to let or part let? You will need to provide details if this is the case. Here is a selection of the detailed questions mortgage lenders will ask you before considering your application. Mortgage Protection Cover Are you paying more than you should?

Payroll Account

By using this site you agree that we may store and access cookies on your devices, unless you cerrificate disabled your cookies. Got A Tracker Mortgage? You need to supply your: This is by no means all of the questions you will have to complete on an application form akb a mortgage, but it may help prepare you for the “inquisition” by the lender into both your lifestyle and your financial position. Details of Present Property If you have ever owned a previous property, you may be asked: Is the property newly constructed?

Each applicant will have to declare if they have ever been declared bankrupt or insolvent, or are currently undergoing such proceedings. Business name, address and type of business ai are engaged in. Other income, such as rental income, should also be mentioned. All mortgage applicants will be required to complete this form to allow AIB to collect your mortgage repayments by Direct Debit.


A satisfactory original Valuation Report on the property will need to be submitted. Renting Costs Versus Mortgage Payments.

Fallen into arrears on payment? Do you currently have a aiv You will be asked to indicate the reason for your application: Self-build overrun overspend template — Completion is required if you have overruns on a self-build property.

We are ready to provide you a very sophisticated solution for salary disbursement of your employees fully automated. Moratorium or Interest Only from your mortgage. Has either applicant any other financial commitments not indicated above including overdraft, Life Assurance, Separated Person’s Maintenance Payments etc?

Our products and services are often recognized by industry leaders. New House Developments Selling in Other questions regarding your present walary, i. Use of Property Do you intend to reside at the property? Frequently asked Questions for Mortgages.

First time purchase Investment Equity Release Other Moving house Refinance Mortgage approval, if granted, may only last 3 to 6 months, depending on the lending institution. Important information regarding cookies Certificare uses cookies to enhance your browsing experience, to create a secure and effective website for our customers and to provide advertising we think may be of interest to you.