CATIA V5. 8 hours. This course will teach you how to identify and use the Tubing Design workbench tools. You will learn the basic steps for creating, modifying. Manual Format. It is important to understand the format of the manual in order to use it most effectively. This manual is designed to be used along with an. The CATIA V5 tubing application is definitely still going through some growing pains. I have had some exposure to piping design and seems to.

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Anyway good luck on your quest. By setting up this rule, you enable listing of your parts during part placement: Connectivity is managed through connect catia v5 tubing design disconnect tools. It allows users to customize object models, by providing tubin ability to define sub-classes and add attributes.

In production, our flex hoses are being designed using an alternative workbench; only useful for space allocation though because doesn’t reflect reality, but better than nothing.

I would like to go to Woodland Catia v5 tubing design too I don’t remember why I chose to tubibg an equipment support instead of a tubing support part type. Bye and see you. As for your other options, back in R10 I was defining clamps as equipment parts.

CATIA – Tubing Design

September 7, Let’s say I have a clamp that I have made as a template part, I also have a design table catia v5 tubing design well. Some of them are purely applicative, others address LCA interop. Tubing Diagrams uses the functional classification Tube function, etc.

I will recommend to use Hanger Design, but it will catia v5 tubing design work as an equipment. CATIA Tubing Design 2 integrates the two design stages and ensures that the design intent is captured at the detail design phase.

Have any of you two or anyone else run across this before? But let’s be realistic, the real availability of these people is limited. It is really incredible to see how the Tubing documentation is incomplete and fuzzy: Bye and thanks for your feedback, and catia v5 tubing design continue this discussion.

COE : Forums : Working with TUBING DESIGN & ENOVIA LCA

I was thinking in catka informal meeting for all those currently using Tubing Design to share good, bad or traumatic experiences with it Can you route a flexible in schematic driven mode? For dummy examples, suach as the one provided by DS, it’s ok, but let’s take a flareless common assembly The class was not long enough Utbing, however, implementation is easily done as long as your homework as far as attributes is done correctly.

They have done a great deal of customizing of the tubing application from simple things like creating standard parts to more catia v5 tubing design things such as defining unique object types, design rules, standards and specifications. How much time I have wasted because of these Integrating the two design stages ensures the design intent is captured at the desugn design phase.

You may find I’m too exigent. Intelligent modification of tubing objects and routes: March 20, June 24, These were just my first ractions for the problem. March 1, If anyone has succeeded in this domain, please let me know how. For me, catia v5 tubing design requires a set up interface, with validation tools.

August 4, June 27, I won’t be desibn to deploy it, some “business” resources will participate. Quite obviously I either typed the part hubing, or Created the geometry wrong, Whattya think? Just explain it to my boss and its dezign budget!

September 9, I have been able to figure out how to draw a diagram, but now I need to figure out how to link it to a graphic representation of catia v5 tubing design part. Concerning Project file edition: How to assign a physical part to a diagram symbol? Similarly, a specification change will force catka new part selection and placement. Is a bit complex to set up properly, but the company easily recovers the initial investment. Apparently there is a commitee to address common industry concerns, but unfortunately they did not attend the conference.

As for the current algorithm included in the Tubing design workbench, the functionality has improved on R14 but we still believe this solver is only capable with the catia v5 tubing design simple geometry hoses. A way different from rigid tubes!

Users can insert associative reports in the drawings that provides the ability to update the drawing any time catia v5 tubing design 3D design is modified. So here is what I know, at V5 R14 level: During the preliminary and detailed design process, rule-based design checking actions are automatically launched to validate the proposed design.