7 Sep Michael Fullan is certainly one of the three to four most influential His most recent contribution, Stratosphere: Integrating Technology. STRATOSPHERE – Making the connections between the fields of technology, pedagogy, and change knowledge more explicit in order to benefit humankind. Presenter’s name title institution email social media contact. #pearsoncite. Presenter’s photo. Michael Fullan [email protected] @michaelfullan1. # pearsoncite.

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In short, the focus should come off of technology per se and on its use. Teachers in small groups become leaders, designers, and active guides to learning. His intention is to create an understanding that there are things that we do not yet fully comprehend with regards to these three vullan forces.

Book Review: Stratosphere by Michael Fullan | MindShare Learning Technology

We must change or become irrelevant. In brief he elucidates the criteria as follows: I am incredibly excited for the year ahead not Amazing change agents can take technology and make amazing things happen with students micharl no two ways about it! Fullan notes the following:. Fulllan books, articles and counsel have been much sought after in a world looking for leadership when what we have known — the past imperative — has come face-to-face with the present imperative.

Fullan believes fully, as he noted in his Seminar paperthat technology needs to be seen as an enhancer of education and not a driver. We often fail to take notice of this new disruptive innovation because it lacks cogency and power in the early nascent stages compared to the more mature outmoded way of doing things. From our first video contest where teachers were asked to submit short videos about technology use in the classroom we have seen some examples of solid technology integration that included sound pedagogy.

No one would argue that Michael Fullan stratosphee committed and devoted to system change in education.

More work needs to be done; more fulllan needs to happen and more change leaders with clear vision, unbridled passion for change in the right direction and a unified approach that addresses our current funding issues with all key stakeholders involved will get this work done. But will technology pay for itself?

Up front he declares that these skills — 21st Century Skills micharl are too vague to be of any use and more importantly they leave out pedagogy.

And to come against the biggest obstacles of change — inertia, skepticism, and indifference according to Fullan — we need to ensure that apart from finding the key factors in grabbing the attention of the naysayers, we also need strong, visionary leadership.

He weaves his way across a vast amount of material where he discusses topics ranging from constructivism and creativity to student and teacher engagement. In chapter five he addresses design principles and change knowledge.

He also notes that we must continue to ask ourselves this question: In terms of details, Stratosphere lives up to its name. As he notes, using the meta-studies of John Hattie, we know a great deal about what skills that teachers as change agents need to have: To make matters worse, technology was not used in learning. We will however note what Fullan has to say about the 21st Century skills movement.

Interestingly, and I wondered about this as I perused the book, what is the place of the teacher in all of this? Fullan notes the following: Fullan argues that from his experiences in change work action results in inspiration rather than the other way around. He mentions the eight key areas of change knowledge: He goes on to mention that the triad of pedagogy, change management and technology, when working together in harmony is fundamentally liberating and this liberation is needed when the old, outdated school system we currently enjoy is becoming unsustainable.

Principals become leaders of leaders not instructional leaders. Michael Fullan in his new book entitled, Stratosphere, writes that there are three big ideas that have needed each other for four decades. District and state infrastructures become redesigned to promote and hold schools accountable to … innovative teaching and learning.

For years, Fullan has been involved in whole systems reform in Canada, but recently he has formed a team to develop engaging content and a next generation platform more on that in six weeks.

The research has shown that the teacher as facilitator has a greater impact on student achievement. Learning for all is a very real and future possibility if we embrace technology as a slave to our needs; a slave that works in cohort with pedagogy and change management so that we can create a system of education that is future-proof. Irresistibly engaging is simply that state where an individual or individuals are so caught up in doing that time loses coherence; time has no meaning as he notes; by elegantly efficient he means that the products must be easy and natural to use.

The Sky’s the Limit: 16 Must-Read Quotes from Michael Fullan’s Stratosphere

Fullan calls the marriage of pedagogy with change knowledge and technology the Stratosphere. And finally he makes the very valid point imchael this learning must be steeped in real-life problem solving projects where teaching leads ztratosphere entrepreneurialism. He states that fully integrating technology into classroom programs only happens in 8 percent stratos;here cases and that only a quarter of teachers feel that they could integrate technology into fullzn classrooms.

According to Fullan if we can integrate the advances in pedagogy, especially around how we learn, in technology, especially with regards to engagement, in change management, especially in the way we can make things easier, we will have arrived at a powerful solution in making our future more fulfilling for everyone involved, both teachers and students. Please enter your name here. Fullan addresses in this work the four criteria that need to be integrated in pedagogy and technology if we are to create exciting and innovative learning experiences for all students, which he agrees is something that is desperately needed in order to move our systems forward into the 21st Century.