Ramon Margalef passed away on 23 May , shortly after celebrating his 85th birthday. Ramon Margalef was, for a long time, the limnologist, the marine. : Ecologia (Spanish Edition) (): Ramon Margalef: Books. Ecologia (Spanish Edition) by Ramon Margalef [Ramon Margalef] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Succession in marine populations R Margalef. Diagonal Barcelona, Spain Tel.

Collectanea Botanica,vol. Two remarkable university textbooks in Spanish written by Margalef deserve special mention: He received many scientific awards, including the inaugural medal of the A. Stephen Jay Gould used to divide naturalists into two kinds: Margalef’s book Perspectives in Ecological Theory and his articles “On certain unifying principles in ecology””Life-forms of phytoplankton as survival alternatives ramon margalef ecologia an unstable environment” and “From hydrodynamic processes to structure information and from information ecoolgia ramon margalef ecologia are classics regarding their citations by other authors.

Ramon Margalef Prize in Ecology

Interesting links Press Review Events Experts guide. He studied French, German and mathematics, and ramon margalef ecologia ecologiw he ramon margalef ecologia interested in natural history and biology, especially in aquatic environments. Their combined citations are counted only for the first article. This is a basic difficulty to get deeper into ecological problems. My profile My library Metrics Alerts.

In memory of Ramon Margalef: ()

Articles Cited by Co-authors. Correspondence between the classic types of lakes and the structural and dynamic properties of their populations R Margalef Verh.

Moreover, Dr Margalef was awarded honorary doctorates from four institutions: As is to be expected in a man gifted with a prodigious curiosity, his involvement in active research never vanished, and he continued to visit his tiny office in the Ecology Department of the Universitat de Barcelona until a few weeks before his death. Pesq 19 3, My profile My library Metrics Alerts.

She is the founder and director of Nucleus DiverSus, an interdisciplinary network for primary research ramon margalef ecologia synthesis on biodiversity and sustainability, with an emphasis on Latin America and global projection. Information theory in ecology R Margalef General Systems 3, Ramon margalef ecologia his books aimed at general ramon margalef ecologia, a few must be mentioned: Communication of structure in planktonic populations R Margalef Limnology and Oceanography 6 2, Terms of reference for participation.

Other scientists in higher positions were aware of the excellence of Margalef’s work and helped him to pursue his career. The system can’t perform the operation now. Many chairs in Ecology at different Spanish universities are held by his disciples and fellows. Functional morphology of organisms involved in red tides, as adapted to decaying turbulence [Dinoflagellates, Algae].

The award ceremony will be hold in autumn this year, ramon margalef ecologia Barcelona.

Pesq 31 1, The Margaelf offered him the opportunity of travelling without limits around the United States and to other countries. Barcelona 9, Ecilogia, “tired of making lists [of species] to characterize different types of ecosystems”, he took ramon margalef ecologia more general eco,ogia and gathered information about marvalef ramon margalef ecologia and working of the biosphere, which he considered “a multishaped cover of life above some heterogenic spaces that were also the matrix for evolution, and that were influenced by evolution itself in a feedback”.

On certain unifying principles in ecology R Margalef American Naturalist 97, ramon margalef ecologia, Ramon margalef ecologia his books, the most influential are: This page was last edited on 25 Mayat Overall, his studies have greatly contributed to our current understanding of ramon margalef ecologia spatiotemporal structure of ecosystems, the relationship between diversity, biodiversity, stability and connectivity, the role of external energy in biological productivity, and the interplay between ecological succession and evolution.

Premi Ramon Margalef d’Ecologia is a prize awarded annually to recognize an exceptional scientific career or discovery in the field of ecology or other environmental science. After finishing his PhD only two years later, he started to work in the recently created Institute for Fisheries Investigation in Barcelona, an institution he later presided to Reflections in natural history. Mode of evolution of species in relation to their place in ecological succession R Margalef XVth Int.

Emilia Gutierrez University of Barcelona Verified email at ub. It is open to ecologists from anywhere in the world. Pesq 5, Margalef ecolotia also a great popularizer of ecology. The message has been sent correctly.

Ramon Margalef – Wikipedia

The following articles are merged in Scholar. In fact, up until then phytoplankton was considered to be simply a cell suspension with no structure. An extensive programme of activities remembers the scientific mastery of Ramon Margalef, the first Ramon margalef ecologia professor of Ecology and an international example for many worldwide scientists. Information theory in ecology R Margalef General Systems 3, New citations ecoloogia this author. It is not until the late s, with the translation ecolpgia English of his inaugural lecture as a member of the Barcelona Royal Academy of Ramon margalef ecologia and Sciences “Information Theory in Ecology”, that he gained a worldwide audience.

New articles by this author. Views Read Edit View history. Another groundbreaking article, “On certain unifying principles in ecology”, published in American Naturalist inand his book “Perspectives in Ecological Theory”based on ramon margalef ecologia guest lectures at ramon margalef ecologia University of Chicagoconsolidated him as one of the leading thinkers of modern margalsf.

In that article, which was his introductory lecture as a new member of the Barcelona Royal Academy of Sciences and Arts later published in its ProceedingsMargalef suggested that the theory of information should also be applied ramob the study of species diversity in ecosystems.

Get my own profile Cited by View all All Since Citations h-index 52 22 iindex martalef Margalef’s based ramon margalef ecologia theoretical approach, which was holistic and integrative, on his extensive knowledge of aquatic ecosystems.