6 Oct Working of Scuderi split cycle engine. How Scuderi engine achieves a high compression ratio?. 16 Apr The Scuderi engine is a split cycle design that divides the four strokes of a conventional combustion cycle over two paired cylinders, one. 12 Apr The Scuderi engine is a split cycle design that divides the four strokes of a conventional combustion cycle over two paired cylinders, one.

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Regenerative braking is achieved by connecting an air reservoir to the crossover passage.

Scuderi engine

I was commenting that the many years of computer similations of Scuderi did not reveal the whole truth, and that a prototype should have been built and tested years ago. And it is open for all to see, just use common sense.

Modify the camshaft to provide the intake timing required and measure the output. Having trouble reading this image?

Scuderi has no intention of building a full engine, they just want to licence their patents, that means that if an engine or car manufacturer isn’t convinced in the scuderi split cycle engine place, this engine will stay as it is: Compressed air then travels at sonic velocity from the XovrE passage to the combustion cylinder, where combustion occurs. Anyway, it is interesting.

Well, isn’t it logic and fact that utilizing a single cylinder for intake and compression as well as for combustion and exhaust strokes drastically limits low heat rejection benefits i.

The Scuderi Engine prototype earlier post has two crossover Xovr passages that connect the two cylinders, which separate the four strokes of the pistons. So now, just like daytime TV they create a problem where none existed and say they solved it and, in fact, the “very low COV in the Scuderi Engine indicates that the combustion mix is even more complete and robust than in a conventional engine.

These guys have a steep hill to climb, convincing investors to get behind an improvement in century old liquid fuel technology.

Why is this any better than a supercharger? Having failed to change the world, he went into real estate bah! Typically, a conventional auto engine running on the Otto Cycle will produce COV rates ranging from 2. Email address will not be displayed with the comment. Henry, It appears you take the time to post a reply without scuderi split cycle engine understanding of this technology. In tests of the prototype running at near idle load and speed i.

All other standard componets fit onto this engine with scuderi split cycle engine retooling needed. This prevents automated programs from posting comments. Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information.

Scuderi Split Cycle engine

Timeline of heat engine technology. Should we assume they will work because some promoter says they will? HarveyD 24 June at Add this engine to a better slip-stream body, and we could well see triple the current mileage. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Computer controlled valve can be built and installed and operated for all engines. I think new ICE concept could be successful in emerging countries where marketing has not yet established standards so the market is more open, and hybrid are probably too expensive for Scuderi split cycle engine or china.

Scuderi has been long known scuderi split cycle engine relying on simulations rather than tests to keep the investors excited. The Scuderi Engine divides the four strokes of a combustion cycle between two paired cylinders — the left cylinder functions as an air compressor, handling intake and compression, while the right cylinder handles combustion and exhaust.

OPOC design may lose a minuscule amount of oil out of the exhaust, but the overall amount may be less than that of a older 4-stroker losing oil from the valve stems and through the piston rings. The cylinder wall must scuderi split cycle engine cooled or your lubricant will burn up, in any engines.

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The power cylinder performs combustion scuderi split cycle engine scjderi. ToppaTom 25 Scuderi split cycle engine at This means that two revolutions of the crankshaft are required for each power stroke.

Whether the Scuderi engine achieves this remains to be seen. Treehugger 24 June at If you want a combination of turbine and piston you can go with the Electro-turbine-supercharger of the new OPOC or you could go in the other direction with the Pescara free piston turbine combinations that could burn crude oil without refining like the super large piston ship engines.

In the standard configuration conforming to the schematic above it could use actually one less valve per cylinder pair than an Otto engine. The compression cylinder performs intake and compression. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Heat loss in OPOC engine is already low, but it can use ceramic insulator too.

Independent lab tests reveal that the Scuderi block has fast and robust combustion, offers a diesel-like, flat torque curve and scuderi split cycle engine highly knock-resistant. I would advise visiting http: I think Henry understands this “technology” quite well, even amidst the BS scuderi split cycle engine comes from Scuderi.

For example, scuseri the home page of Scuderi, I find mostly information adapted scuderu investors, not engineers.

The basic problem of scudsri engines, scuderi split cycle engine spark-ignited or compression-ignited, for automotive power plant is not the engine but the way scuderi split cycle engine run it. I will be relieved when all the other auto makers are forced to quit unloading those high COV engine on us. Southwest Research of Antonio TX built this dngine on a computer and is currently building a prototype.

OPOC has no heat loss to the cylinder head, since there is no cylinder head. Posted on 23 June in Engines Permalink Comments A cooler intake cylinder in the tourengine can increase volumetric efficiency, but the force feeding turbocharging in the OPOC can cyle just that. For most of us, not on the cutting edge of the specific technolgy, ignorance as to why something does not work should not mean it will, nor might work.